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Production information
Age: 6+

  • 220 cards 
  • 1   instruction sheet 
  • 1   4C box
Material: paper
Size of packaging: 181x125x74mm

Match n’Move is the first game to combine matching, strategy, and balancing for ultimate family entertainment. Outbalance, outlast, and outmatch your friends and family by moving, balancing and mimicking the action on each card.  Master the game and out-strategize your opponents by timing the Game Changer cards perfectly and hoping your cards aren’t hit by other players! Be the first to run out of cards and win the game.   

Children who struggle with concentration and gross motor skills will love this game. Match n’ Move encourage active plan in order to build upper body strength, balance, focus and hand-eye coordination. Each card has a physical movement for a child to perform and balance until his/her next turn.