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Rainbow Unicorns Stack n'Pack, Brain Games, Wooden puzzle, Wooden product, Kidult games

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Production information
Age: 5+

  • 1   rainbow base
  • 12 assorted unicorn game pieces
  • 1   rainbow cooperative card
  • 2   movable game markers
  • 1   instruction book
  • 1   box

Material: wood, paper
Size of packaging: 309x200x55mm

Work together to stack and balance 10 rainbow unicorns! Stack the colorful rainbow unicorns and experience the magic of playtime. Just like you, every unicorn is unique and special. Follow the rainbow card and work together to stack 10 charming unicorns on the rainbow base.  Move the yellow game marker across the rainbow card whenever a stack challenge is met. Move the red game marker across the rainbow card if any of the unicorns fall off of the rainbow. You only have seven attempts to cooperate with your group. Are you ready to play?