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The Crazy, Wacky Cup Game, Brain Games, Wooden Toys, Smart Games

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Production information
Age: 3+

  • 4   colorful cups
  • 24 small dice
  • 1   large number dice
  • 1   large action dice
  • 1   instruction sheet 
  • 1   4C box
Material: wood, paper, plastic
Size of packaging: 266x203x90mm

It’s crazy, zany fun! Are you ready for some fast-paced excitement? The Crazy, Wacky Cup Game is a fun, easy game for all ages. Toss the dice into your cup and shake it as hard as you can. Roll, reveal and eliminate dice as you play. Be the first player to eliminate all of your dice and win the game. The Crazy, Wacky Cup Game is sure to take your game night to the next level!​