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Domino Link Up, Educational Learning Toys, Brain Games, Wooden Toys

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Production information
Age: 3+

  •  36 double-sided tiles
  •  1   wooden starter pieces 
  •  1   sand timer
  •  1   instruction sheet 
  •  1   4C box
Material: wood, paper, plastic
Size of Packaghing: 309x200x55mm 

Are you ready? Let’s play! Build a chain of dominoes by matching the tiles on any end. Use the starter piece to add more amusement and diversity to each game.  Choose from two awesome playing sides and link as many pieces together as you can. 
Domino Link-Up is the perfect set for parents. This game encourages simple strategy ideas, increases spatial awareness and develops visual discrimination. Now, children can explore more healthy playing options with an all-inclusive competitive and cooperative game.