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Emotiful, Brain Games, Board Games, Card Games, Wooden Toys, Special Needs Game

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Production information
Age: 3+

  • 8   double-sided ‘feeling’ cards
  • 48 face tokens
  • 1   colorful spinner
  • 1   instruction sheet 
  • 1   4C box
Material: wood, paper
Size of Packaghing: 309x200x55mm 

Recognizing feelings and emotions is an important milestone in child development. Emotifil gives children a hands-on approach in identifying six basic feelings and emotions: happy, sad, mad, afraid, surprised, and loved.  Each game contains 8 double-sided ‘feeling’ cards, 48 face tokens, and a colorful spinner. Race to fill up the cards by spinning the spinner and placing the face tokens on each card correctly. 
Emotiful is a great social game for recognizing the facial expressions associated with emotions. Adults are also encouraged to use the game pieces to develop communication and expression about feelings.

Emotiful  helps children become more aware of their feelings and opens the door for discussions about behavior coping, self-awareness, social language and empathy. This game makes a great learning tool for cognitive/behavioral therapy.