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My Pad Pal - Time Learning, Eductational Toys, Learning Toys, Magnetic Toys

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Production Information
Age: 3+

1 Double sided Pad Pal
1 set of magnetic, wooden pieces
1 Pad Pal case
3 whiteboard pens
1 whiteboard eraser
1 instructional booklet with pictures
Material: wood, paper, magnetic, plastic
Size of packaging:  304x60x170mm

Combining math, science and literacy skills
What day is it today? What is the weather like outside? What time do you usually go to school? These are just some of the questions children will be able to express by using this educational product.  My Pad Pal: Daily Schedule Chart combines math, science and literacy skills with everyday life. Children can use the whiteboard, manipualtive pieces and whiteboard markers to organize their daily routines, activities, weather forecasts and more.  This double-sided educational product promotes: sequencing, recalling information, vocabulary building, classification, time telling and logical thinking. It is the perfect visual for school or home learning.