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My Pad Pal - Shape Explorer, Tabletop Games, Wooden Toys

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Production Information
Age: 3+

1 Double sided Pad Pal
1 set of magnetic, wooden pieces
1 Pad Pal case
3 whiteboard pens
1 whiteboard eraser
1 instructional booklet with pictures
Material: wood, paper, magnetic, plastic
Size of packaging:  304x60x170mm

Exploring shapes through creativity, imagination and manipulation.
My Pad Pal: Shape Explorer encourages children to play and learn with shapes in everyday life. Children will learn a variety of skills, including:  shape and color recognition, abstract thinking, fine motor, problem solving and spatial visualization. This double-sided educational product comes with sample picture instructions so children can learn how to recognize and manipulate 110 geometric shapes. Children can use these colorful shapes to create anything from transportation to animals. Children can even add their own drawings to create spectacular objects—the possibilities are endless!