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MOON LANDING,Scientific educational toys, science toys,Astronomy & Space toys, Big Bang Science.

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Production information
Age: 8+

Size of packaging: 290*220*70mm

The bright moon in the night sky gives people unlimited reveries of the starry sky. Human beings have never stopped exploring the moon, landing on the moon for the first time, until now. Technology allows us to understand more mysteries of the moon, and at the same time arouses children’s curiosity about the starry sky.

Science toys prepare a professional and interesting lunar exploration science kit for children, which includes magical rocket launch experiments, detailed moon phase jams, DIY lunar soil, naughty bouncing balls, return capsule parachutes, a series of lunar logins Scientific experiments, using magical physical science experiment activities to show children a real mission to explore the moon, cultivate children's hands-on ability, thinking and logic ability, as well as materials and astronomical knowledge, and create a perfect one for children Moon landing plan. Science toys moon landing science toolkit helps children grow into the most powerful "astronauts".