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Alphabet Tiles ABC, Educational Toys, Tabletop Games, Wooden Toys

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Production information
Age: 3+
  • 50 wooden alphabet tiles
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 1 box with handle
Material: wood
Size of packaging: 300x60x170mm
Learn! Spell! Read!
Alphabet Tiles help children learn:
• Letter recognition
• Phonemic awareness
• Spelling practice
• Reading skills
…..and much more!
Alphabet Tiles help children develop phonics and literacy skills. Each tile has a colorful picture to give children visuals while playing with letters. There are 2 tiles for each letter. Children can manipulate the letters to build new words and short sentences. 

Alphabet Tiles ABC is the start to language learning. The large tiles are easy to grasp for children who struggle with motor skills. The big, bold letters are appreciated by children with minor visual impairments or vision acuity.