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The Bakers' Challenge, Special Needs Games, Cooperative Games

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Production information
Age: 3+

  •  16 pieces of cake
  •  40 dessert orders
  •  2 platters
  •  2 bags
  •  1 bell
  •  1 instruction 
Material: wood, paper, plastic, Metal
Size of Packaghing: 309x200x55mm 

Welcome to The Bakers’ Challenge! You have a room full of hungry customers, waiting to taste your delicious desserts! Flip over the dessert orders and quickly fill up the platter correctly. But, there is just one thing—you have to choose your desserts with your eyes closed! Compete with your fellow bakers and ring the bell when you are done. Are you up for the challenge? The baker with the most completed orders is crowned the winner of The Bakers’ Challenge!