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My Perfect Cupcake Game, Educational Toys, Special needs games, Cooperative games

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Production information
Age: 3+

  • 32 mini-peg candy toppers
  • 2   wooden cupcake bases
  • 1   color die
  • 6   easy to assemble cupcake sections
  • 2   easy to grip tweezers 
  • 1   instruction sheet 
  • 1   4C box
Material: wood, paper
Size of packaging: 266x203x90mm

Create your own cupcake! You’re invited to a cupcake party! Have fun decorating your cupcake at your own pace or compete in a fun cupcake race! Roll the dice, find a mini candy topper with the matching color, and use the tweezers to top your cupcake. Be the first player to top your cupcake with the correct number of colorful candies and win the game!  

My perfect Cupcake game is good practice for developing fine motor skills. The easy to grip tweezers strengthen the hand muscles and are vital in perform simple tasks, such as; cutting with scissors and writing.