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Unicorn Path Adventure, Wooden Toys, Brain Games, Designer Games

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Production information
Age: 5+

  • 4 path pieces with endless choices
  • 1   playing box for easy storage
  • 60 playing path cards
  • 1   pirate award card
  • 2   sticker sheets
  • 1   instruction book
  • 1   4C box
Material: wood, paper
Size of Packaging: 186x186x48mm

Embark on a magical puzzle quest!
Meet Maya, a magical unicorn. Maya‘s kingdom is in trouble. It has been overtaken by the king’s wicked brother, Zorgu, who wishes to capture the enchanting unicorns and use their magic for his evil plans.  Join Maya on a desperate adventure and stop Zorgu before it’s too late! Maya can cast a magical spell on Zorgu but she needs your help to find 9 special objects for her magic spell to work. Follow the rainbow paths, collect all of the missing objects and Zorgu will be banished forever!
Save Maya’s Magical Kingdom!

How to Play: